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About the stylist

My name is Jennifer and I am the principal stylist of Bliss Interiors as well as a mom of 3 amazing children and a wife to my high school sweetheart living in the Chicago Suburbs.

My love of interior design began way back in grade school when I desperately wanted to camouflage my red shag carpet in my bedroom. Yep, think Raggedy Ann hair,
got the picture?  I will never forget the trip to the paint store with my mom to scan for wallpaper and paint samples. My room turned out dreamy with the exception of the carpet of course. 

Throughout the years I jumped at every opportunity to rearrange furniture and accessorize for family and friends. When my  children were little I realized that there were many finishes that could stand up to ground in Pop Tarts and Tonka trucks and still look amazing !  Now that my children are older and in Middle School, I finally have the glamorous finishes that I adore.

After years and years of spreading my love (O.K. obsession) of decorating to family, friends and neighbors as a hobby...... at the request of my biggest fans I went into business doing what I adore. Bliss Interiors was born! 

I am a certified Interior Stylist and paint color consultant.
My designs have been featured by the producers of HGTV Rate My Space.

It is my belief that great design doesn't have to cost a fortune. As an interior stylist ,
my services bridge the gap between traditional interior designers and the Do It Yourself homeowner. We use what you have and love first then, build from there. 
Most people have beautiful things already but struggle with pulling their rooms together for a cohesive polished look they desire. That's my job. 

Whether you are in need of a little help or starting from scratch, I'm confident that together, we can create a space that reflects YOUR personality and lifestyle.

Stylishly Yours~

Interior Stylist, Bliss Interiors

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