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Bliss Interiors celebrates your individual style.

Do you love Traditional, Transitional, Old World, Rustic,
Shabby Chic, Seaside, French Country, Bohemian, Contemporary,
minimalistic or Urban Loft design style ?
At bliss interiors, we love them all.

Here are some of my latest obsessions

 { Dark SEXY walls }

This sexy little number above belongs to the oh-so stylish
Jenna Lyons...... principle designer for JCrew

Crisp and clean

Oh yes..........gasp.....the ceiling is a wall too !
I simply MUST have this.


{ Closet Envy }

There's a good chance you don't wear 60% of what is in your closet.
Have you ever really thought about why that is ?

A. You are determined to get back to "that size" again.
B. You paid a fortune for those items and they may come back in style.
C. You know it's tattered and faded but, it's your favorite!
You simply haven't made the time to edit.

Alright, I get your "ideal" size clothes and store them away in an air tight storage bin. In the mean time LOVE the Size Your In !!!  You are FABULOUS as you are !!!
 All good things must come to an end, even those well loved tattered t-shirts.

Next, ....nope.... those dated items are probably NOT coming back in style and if they do,
 they will come back 10x more fabulous so let them go. 

Lastly, reward yourself with an envy worthy closet makeover


These closet pics will surely keep you IN the closet 




And who could forget "Carrie's" closet in the city


                                 { Cozy Elegance }

beautiful, over-sized mirror is simply leaning behind the rich coppery sofa. This warm unfussy room invites you to curl up with a great book
(and a glass of wine)

                                                                     { The Gallery }

A Gallery wall is a fantastic way to display your collections of
art and photos for  a stylish pulled-together look.





Above photo: A colorful creation from my son when he was in 4th grade
 adds a sentimental touch of whimsy to the art grouping going up my stair wall.

I'm loving all things ZEBRA }


The White House}

The layers of texture and a hint of sparkle
 make me smile : )


        { The Bold and the Beautiful }
                        Warning! Not for the faint of heart




 Where the magic happens

Mmmmmm.....heaven !!!!



OOh La La

Try one of these french flour sack pillows on your bed
 or living room sofa...Tres chic !

Thank you for visiting
                We look forward to designing something
                                    special for you

               bliss interiors




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